Move 'N See PIXIO Motion Tracking Robot with Tracking Watch and 3 Micro Beacons

rack and film effortlessly in real-time
Contains PIXIO device, beacons, and tracking watch
Advanced motion capture device
Film without a camera operator

TRIPOD ALSO REQUIRED - separate item to book/request

The PIXIO Motion Tracking Robot with Tracking Watch and 3 Micro Beacons is a package containing the following:

Pixio Motion Tracking Robot
The PIXIO robot is a motion tracking device which mounts on a tripod and holds a video camera. PIXIO will pivot to track the motion of somebody wearing a tracking watch in either indoor or outdoor situations.

With a compatible camera (refer to the complete list) PIXIO adjusts the zoom automatically, in real time, in order to keep the same frame size around the subject being filmed.

How does it work? When the target is at least 5 metres away, you can set the frame you like. This frame will be kept automatically when the watch distance increases or decreases. The setting is saved into memory and you don't have to do it again the next time you use your PIXIO.

Tracking Watch
PIXIO will track the wearer of this USB-rechargeable watch.

Micro Beacons (x3)
These USB-rechargeable beacons are essential for the tracking system to work. Each comes paired with its own tripod and must be set up around the area you wish to film.

Sub groupTripods and Heads


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